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What is an inspection

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    Types of inspection and services

    HUD/FHA - 203(k) Loan Consultant A0777

    Mold Testing - mold inspections, remediation, interior air quality consulting.

    Pre-purchase - make sure you acquire an asset and not a liability

    Pre-sale owners - assure a property is ready for sale and "Move in Certified"

    Realtors - assist you with your clients' interest before and during the sale

    Mortgage loan officer - insure that properties meet or exceed code, manufacturers and safety requirements, with adverse conditions fully disclosed

    New construction owners/builders - while under construction will do percentage complete verification and arbitration

    All inspections meet or exceed the North Carolina Home Inspector's Licensing Board Standards of Practice including: 

    • crawl space, attics
    • doors, locks, windows   
    • chimneys and flashing
    • floors, ceilings, walls                                    
    • roofs and flashing
    • foundation, grading, drainage
    • insulation, ventilation
    • built-in appliances
    • heating and cooling systems
    • water heater, plumbing, electrical
    • safety devices, rails and stairs

    Experience includes more than forty years in residential and commercial construction as a licensed general contractor and project manager, with a degree in law and public relations. Licensed by the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board.



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